SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping is a full service company for:

Top quality plastic and metal parts in quantities ranging from 1 up to 2.000 pieces.

Wide range of manufacturing technologies, ranging from:

Finished assemblies including painting, coating, metallisation, chrome plating, texturing, foaming, leather and
fabric application and US-welding.

Serving applications for:

  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Machinery

As a Key member of ARRK Global Network, SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping is using specialised ARRK vendors throughout the world. Offering best in class technologies at shortest lead times and competitive prices.

SPG ARRK has many years of experience working for the automotive industry. Turnkey projects for exterior modules (e.g. bumper systems) as well as interior modules (e.g. instrument panels, door panels) are our main expertise areas.

For prototyping of large components in production material SPG-ARRK uses its patented PRE-TENSION Tool technology, utilizing ARRK's existing production facilities in Europe. Our customers will benefit from the ARRK Group production tooling know-how and the opportunity of a complete in-house package.

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SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping BV
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